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End of Technical Support for F5 OpenStack LBaaS version 1

F5 announces the End of Technical Support (EoTS) for the F5 OpenStack LBaaS version 1 integration. This announcement is in compliance with the OpenStack community deprecation of the OpenStack Neutron LBaaS version 1 plugin. Customers are encouraged to move to OpenStack LBaaS version 2.

F5 ceased to repair defects and perform maintenance on the F5 OpenStack LBaaS version 1 integration as of the Openstack Ocata release in April 2017.

For additional information, please refer to the F5 End of Life policy.


If the f5-oslbaasv1-agent doesn’t appear when you run neutron agent-list, the agent is not running.

The options below can be useful for troubleshooting:

  • Check the logs:
# less /var/log/neutron/f5-oslbaasv1-agent.log
  • Check the status of the f5-os-lbaasv1-agent service:
# systemctl status f5-oslbaasv1-agent \\ RedHat/CentOS
# service f5-oslbaasv1-agent status   \\ Debian/Ubuntu
  • Make sure you don’t have more than one agent running on the same host with the same environment_prefix.
# environment_prefix = uuid \\ This is the default setting
  • Make sure the iControl® hostname, username, and password in the config file are correct and that you can actually connect to the BIG-IP®.
  • Make sure the VTEP lines in the config file are commented (#) out if you’re not using VTEP.
#f5_vtep_folder = 'Common'
#f5_vtep_selfip_name = 'vtep'