End of Software Development for F5 OpenStack LBaaS version 1

F5 announces the End of Software Development (EoSD) for the F5 OpenStack LBaaS version 1 integration, effective October 1, 2016. This announcement is in compliance with the OpenStack community deprecation of the OpenStack Neutron LBaaS version 1 plugin. Customers are encouraged to move to OpenStack LBaaS version 2.

F5 will continue to repair defects and perform maintenance on the F5 OpenStack LBaaS version 1 integration until the Openstack Ocata release in April 2017.

For additional information, please refer to the F5 OpenStack Releases and Support Matrix.

F5® OpenStack LBaaSv1 Plugin

Build Status


This site hosts the documentation for the F5® OpenStack OpenStack Neutron LBaaSv1 plugin and agent, used to deploy F5® BIG-IP® services in OpenStack. You can access the source code and download release packages at F5Networks/f5-openstack-lbaasv1.

Releases and Versions

The F5® OpenStack LBaaSv1 v 1.0.14 plugin supports the OpenStack Icehouse - Kilo releases. See F5® OpenStack Releases and Support Matrix for information about the LBaaSv1 plugin, BIG-IP®, and OpenStack release compatibility.

Quick Start


You can download a release package directly from GitHub using curl or wget. Then, un-tar the package into the location of your choice.


Replace “<version_number>” with the version appropriate for your environment.


# curl -L -O<version_number>/f5-lbaasv1_<version_number>.tgz
# tar -xf f5-lbaasv1_<version_number>.tgz



  1. Install the F5 BIG-IP common libraries.

    # dpkg -i build/deb_dist/f5-bigip-common_1.0.14-final_all.deb
  2. Install the plugin driver.

    # dpkg -i build/deb_dist/f5-lbaas-driver_1.0.14-final_all.deb
  3. Install the plugin agent.

    # dpkg -i build/deb_dist/f5-bigip-lbaas-agent_1.0.14-final_all.deb


  1. Install the F5® BIG-IP® common libraries.

    # rpm -i build/el7/f5-bigip-common_1.0.14-final.noarch.el7.rpm
  2. Install the plugin driver.

    # rpm -i build/el7/f5-lbaas-driver-1.0.14-final.noarch.el7.rpm
  3. Install the agent.

    # rpm -i build/el7/f5-bigip-lbaas-agent-1.0.14-final.noarch.el7.rpm


If you are upgrading from an earlier version, F5 recommends that you uninstall the current version before installing the new version.


Perform the following steps on every server running the F5® agent.

  1. Make a copy of the F5® agent configuration file. An existing configuration file in /etc/neutron will be overwritten during installation.

    # cp /etc/neutron/f5-oslbaasv1-agent.ini ~/
  2. Stop and remove the old version of the libraries, plugin driver and agent.


    # service f5-oslbaasv1-agent stop
    # dpkg -r f5-bigip-common f5-lbaas-driver f5-bigip-lbaas-agent

    Red Hat/CentOS

    # service f5-oslbaasv1-agent stop
    # yum remove f5-bigip-common.noarch f5-oslbaasv1-agent.noarch f5-oslbaasv1-driver.noarch
  3. Follow the installation instructions in the previous section.

  4. Restore the F5® agent configuration file.

    Compare the backup file with the new one created during installation to make sure only the necessary settings for your deployment are modified. Then, copy your configuration file back into /etc/neutron/.

    # sudo cp ~/f5-oslbaasv1-agent.ini /etc/neutron/f5-oslbaasv1-agent.ini



See Support.


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